World's first rapid cigar-deploying MAGAZINE with integrated humidor.

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Colonel Stogie's family has a long-standing tradition of serving America and smoking cigars. On one of his missions, he realized the need for a way to protect and rapidly access his cigars. Two years later he invented the Stogie Mag, the world's fastest integrally humidified humidor. Join the colonel on the battlefield and experience it!

Stogie Mag stats:

  • Holds six cigars that measure up to 5.25x50
  • Spring loaded to always have a fresh stick ready to deploy
  • Integrally humidified follower
  • Top cover that press seals to keep your cigars fresh and dust-free

Where it all started

In 1776, Colonel Stogie's great, great grandfather smoked his first cigar following a major battlefield victory. From that day forward, a descendant of Colonel Stogie has served America and smoked 6 cigars a day. At the ripe old age of 18, the Colonel himself took up the habit, but he needed a way to protect his cigars while rapidly deploying them throughout the day. His "a-ha" moment came to him one fateful day. In the heat of battle and surrounded on all sides by non-smokers, Colonel Stogie pulled a fresh mag from his plate carrier. That's when it happened. It dawned on him, "This is the perfect place to store my cigars for easy access!". He survived the skirmish, and within a week, he'd started work on his first Stogie Mag prototype. A year later, he's finally ready to share his crowning achievement with you, his loyal recruits.


Are you ready to join the Colonel on the battlefield with the fastest integrally humidified humidor on the planet?